Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks

22nd October 2019 0 By Positive Gamer

Hidden Folks
Adriaan de Jongh & Sylvain Tegroeg
Platform: PC | Mac | Android | iOS | Nintendo Switch
Genre: casual | relaxing | indie | 2D | hidden object
Shop: App Store | Google Play | Mac App Store | Steam | itch.io | Nintendo eShop

It’s a new, modern, line-art take on Where’s Wally (or Where’s Waldo if you prefer)! This game has been out for quite some time, but I love it, so I wanted to write about it. It’s so simple but so lovely, charming, and immensely fun.

It is… Where’s Wally/Waldo. But. It’s quirky and adorable line art, it’s interactive and animated! With a lot of fun sound effects. I can’t even begin to calculate how many hours I spent in my childhood, trying to find Wally, his friends, and all the other challenge finds. Early adulthood, I spent far too much time on Top Gear’s take on the style. And now I have Hidden Folks!

You have a variety of areas: forest, dry lands, city, snow, factory, and through DLC, the beach. In each area, you have several scenes where you have to find specific people, animals, objects etc. Simple! You can’t just scan your way through though, you have to open tents, cut bushes, grow plants, roll haystacks, you have to root them out! Some scenes are also mini-games, for example, interacting with the environment to make sure one of the adorable folks can make it to the other side of the scene.

There is just something incredibly endearing about Hidden Folks. Between the cute art and adorable sound effects, voiced by real people, that makes this game perfect for relaxing after a hard day. You can’t play this and stay in a bad mood, it’s like trying to say ‘bubble’ in an angry way – you just can’t. You find people hiding in bushes and car boots, and you have no choice but to feel better about everything.

I always appreciate attention to detail, and in this case, I don’t mean the incredible amount of detail in each scene – which is, of course, amazing. But the creators included different colour variations, so you can choose what is either more aesthetically appealing to you, or what doesn’t strain your eyes. It’s quite a small thing, but it can really make a difference!

If you want something relaxing and casual to play, then this is one I highly recommend.

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