About me, this blog & Transparency

Why I’m Doing This

Games have been with me my whole life, they have been the most consistent part of my life. I love games, I love talking about games, and it feels incredible when you recommend a game to someone, and they love it too. I also enjoy writing, and embarrassingly, it took me a very long time to realise I could combine the two.

What I’m Trying To Do

I want to create a place you can go to when you don’t know what to play next, or when you want a particular type of game but don’t know where to find something similar. 

Whenever I’m looking for something to play, I regularly feel like I’m being convinced not to buy games. Reviews need to be open and honest about potential problems, but lately, it feels like everyone wants only to tell me what’s wrong, and not what’s fun, what I might enjoy. I think we all have games we love to bits, that do have flaws, but they’re still fun

The other problem I encounter when I’m looking for games is that it’s usually only the newest ones that are talked about. Now, not many people will play every single game as it comes out. Sometimes we fail to notice stuff, despite it being right up our street. It’s a bit of a shame to miss out on something just because it came out a while ago, and you missed it at the time. It’s something we actually do all the time – you meet a fellow gamer, and, of course, you talk about your favourite games. You share your favourite, and if they’ve not heard of it, you go into “you’ve missed out! Let me tell you why you need to try it” mode. 

This is what this blog is. This game is amazing! I think you’ll like it, and this is why you should try it

Transparency Stuff

While I’m currently not part of any affiliate programs, I probably will be applying for some eventually. I want to be completely open and honest about it all.

I only write about games I really enjoy and think others might like too. I refuse to allow that to change. If I enjoy a game, and someone is interested in it – having a link to the game to support the developer, and support me too – that seems pretty wholesome. Pushing games I don’t enjoy just to get a cut is not wholesome at all. 

I already post links to where you can buy each game – it would be a little harsh to get you excited about a game and send you on a quest to track it down. If I get accepted to any affiliate programs, those links might change to referral links, but they will, of course, be clearly marked as such. I will still be linking to everywhere the game is available, I won’t be promoting affiliated stores above non-affiliated ones. 

I want to keep it a nice way for someone to choose to support me if they want to. 

I also won’t be angling for free games, and well… I probably wouldn’t get them if I did. I write about stuff I like, and think others will too, so I wouldn’t expect devs to take the chance that I might write about it. Besides, I want to support the creators – if someone makes a game I enjoy, I want to support them so that they can make more.

Affiliate programs are pretty controversial, for a good reason – are people pushing things they genuinely use and believe in? Or do they just want money?

I just want to keep doing what I do, and if people choose to help me continue doing what I’m doing, alongside supporting developers and publishers, then that would be amazing. 

Affiliate Update

Here you can see what affiliate programs I’m currently a part of.

When buying through my affiliate link with Humble Bundle, you can support me and Parkinson’s UK at no extra cost.

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